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Our Menu


Regular Taco


Choice of meat, onion, cilantro & hot sauce

Carne al gusto , cebolla, cilantro y chile

Taco con Queso


Choice of meat, cilantro, onion, hot sauce & cheese

Carne al gusto, cilantro, cebolla, chile y queso

Taco de Camaron


Shrimp, onion, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream, & hot sauce

Camaron, cebolla, cilantro, lechuga , crema, y chile

Super Taco de Camaron o Pescado


Shrimp or Fish taco with onion, cilantro, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, lettuce & hot sauce.

Camaron o Pescado con cebolla, cilantro, crema, guacamole, queso, lechuga, y chile.

Quesabirria Taco


Mexican beef stew with cheese, onion, & cilantro served with beef stew broth

Taco de birria con queso, cebolla, cilantro y con consume

Crispy Taco


Crispy corn tortilla with your choice of meat, lettuce, cheese & topped with parmesan cheese

Tortilla dorada, carne al gusto, lechuga y queso parmesano ensima

Super Taco


Choice of meat, onion, cilantro, hot sauce, sour cream, guacamole, cheese & lettuce

Carne al gusto, cebolla, cilantro, chile, crema, guacamole, queso y lechuga

Tacos de Pescado


Fish, onion, cilantro, lettuce, sour cream & hot sauce

Pescado, cebolla, cilantro, lechuga, crema y chile

Veggie Taco


Pinto beans, onion, cilantro, hot sauce & lettuce

Frijoles enteros, cebolla, cilantro, chile y lechuga

* These items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness